[lpi-discuss] educational materials authors with access to LPI exams

Ian Shields ishields at us.ibm.com
Tue Jan 30 22:49:09 EST 2007

As the author of the IBM developerWorks tutorials for LPIC-1 
(http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/lpi/101.html), I can state 
categorically that the only LPIC questions I have ever seen were on the 
two exams I took to pass LPIC-1. I am a member of the LPI Advisory 
Council, and have no access to questions through that either. Nor do I 
have any privileged access because of my employer being a platinum sponsor 
of LPI.

LPI is attempting to increase the size of the question pool in order to 
diminish the value of brain dumps as an inappropriate means of 
demonstrating the skills required for LPIC certification. I use the 
detailed objectives as a guide to the material I cover in the tutorials. 
If you understand the material described in the objectives you should be 
able to pass the exams. The testimonials I receive suggest that my 
tutorials serve their purpose well.

Ian Shields Ph.D.
Linux  Technologist, ISV & Developer Relations
IBM Corp
Research Triangle Park, NC
ishields at us.ibm.com

lpi-discuss-bounces at lpi.org wrote on 01/30/2007 10:31:13 PM:

> On Wed, 31 Jan 2007, ashwin kesavan iyengar wrote:
> > You should try IBM developer works material available for free. They
> > are really good.
> > The link to it is available in lpi web-site.
> > with regards,
> Thanks for the info. Are you answering that this material was written by 

> someone with access to LPI's exam questions?
> > On 31/01/07, Jeremy C. Reed <reed at reedmedia.net> wrote:
> > > Can someone tell me the LPI policy about authors of educational 
> > > (books, courseware, etc) having access to any of LPI question pool?
>   Jeremy C. Reed
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