[lpi-discuss] LinuxWorld San Francisco August 6-9

Scott Lamberton scottl at lpi.org
Thu May 24 11:37:07 EDT 2007

JD wrote:

> Will there be a free LPI test as usual in the event?
> How can I participate?
> Thank you,
> JD
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As last year paid conference participants will have free exams while
trade show attendees or others will pay a reduced price of $75 per
exam.  If you have a LPI ID and are from North America you will have
already received an email message on activities planned for LWSF.  If
you are interested in participating in any of the LPI activities (booth,
TAC/SAC meetings, etc.) please contact James Stanger
(jstanger_at_lpi.org) Chairperson for the LPI Advisory Council.  If you
wish to ensure a spot for the exam labs contact Glenn McKnight, Director
of Operations at glenn_at_lpi.org.

Thanks for your interest.


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