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G. Matthew Rice matt at starnix.com
Fri Aug 1 15:48:58 EDT 2008

None of them are officially supported by LPI.

I like the idea of merging them but the idea of something official has only
been discussed in passing right now.


Etienne Goyer <etienne.goyer at outlands.ca> writes:
> Damn, I accidently hit Send, and then typed in my passphrase to sign the
> email, before I was actually done with writing it.  I blame caffeine and
> multi-tasking.  Let me try again ...
> Hi everybody,
> I would like to advertise my affiliation with LPI on LinkedIn.  Looking
> into LPI-related groups, I notice some redundancy.  First, there is two
> generic "Linux Professional Institute" group: one owned Ettore Simone,
> and one owned by Dave Engbers.  There is also duplicate groups for
> LPIC-1 alumni (owned respectively by Bruno Gerreiro and Ettore Simone).
>  Ettore Simone also own two other groups, for LPIC-2 and LPIC-3 alumni
> respectively.
> Are these people active (and, hopefully, representative) members of the
> LPI community?  Why the duplication?  Can something be done to merge the
> duplicate groups?
> In general: is there a concerted effort from LPI to maintain a presence
> (official or not) on social network?  Should there be?
> Cheers,
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