[lpi-discuss] Shouldn't there be a desktop LPI Certification?

IOANNIS MANOLOUDIS manoloudis4linux at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Feb 27 20:50:45 EST 2008

The LPIC 1,2 and 3 certifications are addressing almost totally the server 
side of Linux. With Linux growing more and more and expanding into the 
desktop market, I believe that we are in need of an additional certification 
to cover the Linux desktop.
Candidates of that certification would be IT staff that needs to provide 
assistance to users who are using Linux desktops. 
Following LPI's philosophy, it should be vendor-neutral.
It should cover desktop environments KDE and Gnome, navigating to the 
filesystem with file managers nautilus and Konqueror, configuring a printer, 
mounting a share, configuring MUAs like KMAIL and Evolution, an overview of 
the office suites of openoffice and Koffice, integration with openLDAP or 
Active Directory and finally localization issues.
What do you think?

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