[lpi-discuss] Shouldn't there be a desktop LPI Certification?

IOANNIS MANOLOUDIS manoloudis4linux at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Feb 28 13:32:35 EST 2008

In my last job I had worked in an environment that had Windows XP Pro 
desktops, Windows servers and Linux servers.
By company policy all desktops were running Windows. The MCSA/MCSE was 
responsible, among other things, to configure in every desktop printer 
access, mail configuration with the Exchange server and joining me with the 
active directory. 
Should a company chooses to deploy Linux desktops, Linux IT Pros will need to 
be trained to support end users.

>And finally, fiscal prudence demands answers to core questions:
>- who would take such an exam?
Personally I believe that people who have already obtained the LPIC-1, work in 
a company IT department and are been asked to deploy and maintain Linux 
>- why would they spend money to take it?
Because their employer deploys or plans to deploy Linux desktops.
>- what would they be prepared to pay?
Pretty much as much as one single LPI exam. A 4-5 day long course or a self 
study book and the exam fee.

>The ultimate question, from the business perspective is: "will enough
>people pay to take the exam to cover its substantial development and
>delivery costs?" The answer to this is not easy. It is not a coincidence
>that many groups -- LPI, Red Hat, Novell, Comptia and others -- have
>created Linux system administration certification systems, yet none has
>indicated even a serious intention to do a desktop cert.  The financial
>justification is very difficult using current models.

Actually Novell is launching CLDA 
They had some betas a few days ago.


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