[lpi-discuss] Fill in the blanks convention

G. Matthew Rice matt at starnix.com
Tue Nov 11 15:05:15 EST 2008

"Alexandre Vieira" <nullpt at gmail.com> writes:
> I'm about to start my cert path on LPI.

Congrats, Alexandre.  I wish you the best of fortune on it.

Alan provided a great overview of how the FITB questions are asked and, he's
right, it will be explicit on how whether the question wants a full path,
arguments, etc.

Also, because we have to evaluate the answers in the FITB and need to deal
with translation issues, the answers will always be a non-english term.  In
the case of numbers, we do accept four (if that's the answer) but we're
really looking for the number 4.  


> I've searched for some info on the fill in the blanks to no avail.
> 1) In case of numerical answer should I use the numerical character or the
> number word? ie 4 or four
> 2) If I need to refer to a command should I use only the filename or the
> full path? ie rm or /bin/rm
> 3) Imagine I have to refer to the root filesystem. Should I use "/" or
> "root"? /tmp filesystem or tmp filesystem?
> Probably you have several correct values for the fill in questions but it's
> better to ask than sorry :)
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