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Scott Lamberton slamberton at lpi.org
Fri Nov 14 12:26:42 EST 2008

Imran Chaudhry wrote:
>>Hi Imran
>>Yes thats right.
>>That o'reilly book is a pretty good representation of the current LPI 1
>>objectives, but as you can see the LPI objectives do cover a few more
>>With the new revised LPI 1 objectives (starting April 2009) - I wonder
>>if that o'reilly book will be any good now.
>>Does anyone know how different the new objectives are from the old ?
>>Are any of the major publications currently working on a new LPI book
>>that specifically covers the April 2009 objectives - any release date
>>for books ?
> Hi Andy,
> Yes, this is the quandry I'm in now - I want to study and pass the
> LPI-2 but with the announcement of the revised exams I am in two minds
> about it. It looks like I can study hard using my existing guide and
> try and pass both exams before April 1st next year or buy a new study
> guide based on the new (unpublished) objectives and study for the new
> exam.

I would take the exams as soon as possible.  We have made detailed
objective by objective comparisons made available to courseware
providers so that they might update their exam preparation materials.
Nevertheless, it would be advisable (for those who are prepared) to take
the exams now as their existing resources for the present exams.

> By the way LPI webmaster, the links to the wiki in the press release
> do not work and please make the links into real links :-) 

I just tried them--they all work fine.  It could be that you are
including the period at the end of the sentence--sorry for that.
Send me offlist what you are using.

> Also what if I pass only one exam 201 before April 1st? Can I take the
> 2006-revision exam 202 after April 1st? 


I trust this answers your questions.


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