Activation date of new LPIC-10x objectives Was: [Re: [lpi-discuss] Can I still use my exam?]

Karl Schock Karl.Schock at
Mon Oct 20 11:58:34 EDT 2008


> LPI Central Europe has recently deigned to tell authors of books and training 
> materials »officially« that the LPIC-10x update originally envisioned for 1 
> December 2008 has been postponed until 1 April 2009.

I am an author of training materials but I wasn't told anything
so LPI Central Europe seems to apply double standards to authors.
That is not fair! :-(

On one can read: "LPI has committed that it will never
designate an "official" set of LPI training materials. We are very proud
of our support by many creators of training materials and believe in
maximum choice for those seeking to take LPI exams."

So the LPI should treat all authors equal and give all authors the
same information at the same time.


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