Activation date of new LPIC-10x objectives Was: [Re: [lpi-discuss] Can I still use my exam?]

Scott Lamberton slamberton at
Mon Oct 20 11:59:34 EDT 2008

Anselm et al:

Please be assured there is a communication plan in place.

Two weeks ago changes in publication schedule were communicated to
Master Affiliates so that they in turn could inform their partners.
This is how Anselm found out.  This change in publication scedule was
actually due to thorough consultation with community members, industry
and other stakeholders.

This week a separate communication will go out to Training Partners
around the world and again to courseware publishers from LPI HQ.

Following this advance communication to partners--we will make public
announcements via this list and through PR.

This step-by-step process was to ensure that various stakeholders had an
opportunity to ask further questions, respond in an informed fashion
from their various constituencies, and allow us to refine our
communications for public announcement.

Scott (sigh...misunderstood in Toronto) Lamberton ;-)
Director of Communications
Linux Professional Institute

Anselm Lingnau wrote:
> Adri Mathlener - Letteren wrote:
>>My question: What is the exact date for the new objectives for LPIC-10x
>>to become active?
> It seems to be one of the better-kept secrets of LPI HQ but LPI Central Europe 
> has recently deigned to tell authors of books and training 
> materials »officially« that the LPIC-10x update originally envisioned for 1 
> December 2008 has been postponed until 1 April 2009.
> Here would be an easy opportunity for LPI Int'l to improve on their pretty 
> dismal record of keeping the community informed of changes that actually 
> matter to most candidates. It seems thay they can always be counted on to 
> make us aware of the new master affiliate for North Elbonia but AFAIK they've 
> been sitting on this particular bit of news for a couple of months now as far 
> as an official press release is concerned. Apparently you have to read TAC 
> minutes and write follow-up e-mails to Matt Rice (who is definitely one of 
> the good guys, probably because he's an instructor himself and knows what 
> it's like out here in the boonies) in order to find out about these things, 
> and then you don't know whether you're actually allowed to tell other people 
> because it hasn't yet been officially confirmed. Incidentally, the 
> newest »news item« on dates from early August.
> Anselm »Disgruntled in Weiterstadt« Lingnau
> (Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and not necessarily that of Linup 
> Front GmbH.)

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