Activation date of new LPIC-10x objectives Was: [Re: [lpi-discuss] Can I still use my exam?]

Scott Lamberton slamberton at
Mon Oct 20 12:07:42 EDT 2008

Adri Mathlener - Letteren wrote:
> G. Matthew Rice wrote:
>> The exams have had content updates since you wrote 101.  However, if
>> you plan
>> on taking the 102 exam after Apr 1st, 2009, you should be studying
>> against
>> these objectives:
>> Otherwise, you should use the objectives on the main site
>> as a
>> checklist.
> I'm a bit confused. I have completed 101 and studying now for 102.
> As I understand it from this list before, the objectives for 102 are
> changing per december 1st, 2008. You are mentioning april 1st 2009.
> My question: What is the exact date for the new objectives for LPIC-10x
> to become active?


The confusion is understandable.  The "new" objectives need to be
available and published well in advance so that courseware providers and
training partners can prepare material for exam preparation purposes in
advance of actual publication of the exams.

So..the new objectives are available now on our exam development wiki
and will be shortly on our website.  As per an earlier message we are
communicating these changes out to various stakeholders now--and have
been since the summer. Look for formal "official" communications to come
out on this list shortly.

In the interim it is as Matt states: if you are planning to write an
exam prior to April 1, 2009 than you should study and prepare via the
objectives available at our website today.

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