Activation date of new LPIC-10x objectives Was: [Re: [lpi-discuss] Can I still use my exam?]

Scott Lamberton slamberton at
Mon Oct 20 12:29:41 EDT 2008

Karl Schock wrote:
> Hello,
>>LPI Central Europe has recently deigned to tell authors of books and training 
>>materials »officially« that the LPIC-10x update originally envisioned for 1 
>>December 2008 has been postponed until 1 April 2009.
> I am an author of training materials but I wasn't told anything
> so LPI Central Europe seems to apply double standards to authors.
> That is not fair! :-(


Again this was a courtesy rather than an injustice: LPI-Approved
Training Material partners (as represented by LinupFront) were notified
first.  To earn "LPI Approved" status requires some $$ investment on
their part.  As partners we have a responsibility to give them advance

However, the difference in notification can probably be numbered in days.

And in anticipation from hearing from everyone else in the world today:
No, Central Europe was not treated preferentially over any other
region--they were just quicker in getting the message out.


P.S.  Please note that "official" and "approved" are not the same thing.

> On one can read: "LPI has committed that it will never
> designate an "official" set of LPI training materials. We are very proud
> of our support by many creators of training materials and believe in
> maximum choice for those seeking to take LPI exams."
> So the LPI should treat all authors equal and give all authors the
> same information at the same time.
> Bye
> Karl
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