Activation date of new LPIC-10x objectives Was: [Re: [lpi-discuss] Can I still use my exam?]

Scott Lamberton slamberton at
Mon Oct 20 12:40:20 EDT 2008

Anselm Lingnau wrote:
> snip...
> Or did you really need from early August to early October to figure out how to 
> handle the transition?


There are a number of factors involved including the following:
1.  Exam translation in multiple languages and timing of
2.  Beta time periods (e.g. PBT v.s. CBT publishing)
3.  Vendor publishing, timing and availability
4.  Consultation with Area Operation Managers and Master Affiliates

I have a full appreciation for the challenges you have as a courseware
publisher as I am in communication with several publishers. Our
challenge is being responsive and inclusive of all our stakeholders.


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