[lpi-discuss] paper vs. computer based exams

Anselm Lingnau anselm.lingnau at linupfront.de
Thu Sep 4 18:08:12 EDT 2008

doron wrote:

> my question, is why we don't use the method of tasks based exam ?

The party line is that, in contrast to tasks-based exams, multiple-choice 
exams actually have science (as in, reviewed papers) behind them that says 
that performance in an appropriately constructed multiple-choice exam 
correlates with knowledge of the subject matter tested. As far as tasks-based 
exams are concerned, there is a widespread warm fuzzy feeling suggesting that 
someone who can do contrived tasks of the kind suitable for an exam situation 
will also be able to do similar tasks in the real world but that seems to be 
all there is at the moment.

Additionally, multiple-choice exams are vastly easier to deliver and grade 
than tasks-based exams, although with the widespread availability of 
virtualisation this may change. One of LPI's long-standing projects is its 
very own exam delivery infrastructure (Xamnet) and in due course this may 
well incorporate task-based components, once we figure out more about what 
these should look like in order to be as psychometrically sound as the 
existing exams. In the meantime, delivering multiple-choice exams is 
something that VUE and Prometric are very good at, and which they quite 
helpfully do on LPI's behalf pretty much all over the world; anything that 
LPI comes up with will have some serious catching up to do before anyone will 
be able to take a Xamnet-based exam with the same convenience as a VUE or 
Prometric exam.


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