[lpi-discuss] IBM Developer Works update plans and LPI2 Exam Prep

Arjen van Tol arjenvantol at xs4all.nl
Thu Aug 6 19:53:53 EDT 2009

Imran Chaudhry wrote:
> The LPI webmasters might want to update the note about it here (at the end):
> http://www.lpi.org/eng/training__1/new_exam_preparation_resources_for_revised_lpic_exams
Please also update the info about LPI in a Nutshell 3rd edition from 
O'Reilly. A representative of O'Reilly stated that the 3rd edition is 
still in cosideration for publishing. It will not be published in August 
2009 for sure.


> By the way, what are people using in prepping for LPI-202? Especially
> those of us who already have LPI-201 (pre-April 2009).
I use 2nd edition indeed, with the objective changes from the wiki, a 
couple of man pages and some practices for the areas which are not 
feeling like 'I can do this blinded, with only one hand' :)


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