[lpi-discuss] 10 x 10: LPI & IBM developerWorks

slamberton slamberton at lpi.org
Thu Dec 17 14:54:59 EST 2009

10 x 10: LPI & IBM developerWorks

2009 marked the 10th Anniversary of LPI.  In addition, IBM
developerWorks celebrated their own 10th Anniversary.  The
developerWorks crew marked their anniversary by creating a webpage
called: "10 important Linux developments everyone should know about:
Celebrating 10 years of Linux accomplishments"

#1 on their list of notable Linux accomplishments in the last 10 years
was none other than the Linux Professional Institute!

Thank you IBM developerWorks!  We are honored by your recognition.

You can see LPI (and others) celebrated at:

In addition, many of you will be happy to hear that IBM developerWorks
is updating their very popular online tutorials on LPIC-1 to match our
new April 2009 objectives. Please see:

Tom Young, Content Acquisitions, IBM developerWorks wrote to us about
the new tutorials and here is what he had to say:

"We are revising our exam study material for LPIC-1. Rather than a
series of long tutorials, each covering a topic, we are presenting the
material in shorter articles that cover an individual objective within a
topic. We have a road map for the whole LPIC-1 series
(http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/library/l-lpic1-v3-map/) and we
update this as each new article is published. The road map includes
instructions for building your own feed so you can keep up with articles
as they are published....This new set of articles, unlike the previous
tutorial incarnations, requires NO registration...and by breaking the
topics up into shorter, more focused articles, they are now more
accessible to the developer community at large (they have more
descriptive titles and should get better placement in Google and dW
searches, etc.).  And like all articles on dW now, these articles
support tagging, rating, and public commenting directly in the article,
so users can interact with the content, the author, and each other in
ways not previously available on dW.

Again, our thanks to developerWorks for their continuing support of LPI!

Scott Lamberton
Director of Communications
Linux Professional Institute
slamberton at lpi.org

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