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Andy Goldschmidt andy.goldschmidt at forlinux.co.uk
Fri Jul 31 06:49:20 EDT 2009

a good bit of sarcasm goes a long way... .thanks

On Fri, 2009-07-31 at 10:35 +0200, Anselm Lingnau wrote:

> Andy Goldschmidt wrote:
> > It kinda forces you to buy the LPI text books in order to learn ALL  the
> > material..
> Too bad. Heaven forbid you would have to learn one single thing that wasn't 
> actually part of the exam :^) (It's not as if the text book authors knew more 
> than you -- all *we* get to see is the published objectives, too!)
> The LPI certifications aren't meant to encourage targetted swotting-up 
> specifically for the exams. The idea is that you prove your expertise by 
> answering a majority of questions correctly, rather than making wild guesses. 
> Nobody will ever know (or care) if you scored 100% or cleared the bar by just 
> one point. If you are generally familiar with the material but miss a command 
> or file here or there you will very likely pass anyway.
> > LPI should know whats in the exam... and could therefore provide us with
> > a FULL list of commands used !!!!
> Yep. They could also just publish all the questions beforehand so we could 
> know for sure what to learn.
> Anselm
> (This is my personal opinion and not that of Linup Front GmbH.)

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