[lpi-discuss] Searching through these lists

G. Matthew Rice matt at starnix.com
Thu May 21 15:22:23 EDT 2009

MJang <mike at mommabears.com> writes:
> There's some time lag - it doesn't yet show the most recent discussions
> on reiserfs. (I suppose the newest discussions haven't yet hit the
> crawler.) But I see some previous discussions using this method, such as
> the LILO debate we had back in late '08. 
> And btw, I see nothing on the list w/r/t discussion on topic 109.1. If
> I'm wrong, I'd like to hear about it. (IMO, a candidate should know that
> a address refers to a mask.)

For the latest month, you could always download the "Gzip'd" version from the
archives.  You can even search it right in the browser (the browser should
unzip it).

Also, mail-archive.com has lpi-discuss archived.  Not lpi-examdev, though.

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