[lpi-discuss] "Wrong" Questions in 202?

Jerome Keller newsletter4me at gmx.ch
Thu May 28 05:53:14 EDT 2009


I've written the 202 exam yesterday. I've learned with an older book so 
i had to look at the Lpic Wiki Page to be sure that i'm learning the 
right topics after the change of the exams since 1. April 2009.

The exam was 60 questions long so i guess i had no beta questions in it 
(?). There were 2 - 3 Questions which shouldn't be in there to my 
understanding (if i compare it to the Wiki Page). Two questions were 
about filesystems (ext2/ext3 Journaling etc.). Afaik this is a topic in 
201.  I dont remember the exact question. Another question was about the 
programm "cpio".

Sure, one can say that this belongs to the 213.4 "Troubleshooting 
environment configurations" topic....but i would welcome it if the topic 
description would be a little bit more accurate.

BTW: i've passed the exam with exactly the 500 needed points :).... i 
got a feeling that the "cpio" question saved me, and gave me the needed 
points to reach 500... :)


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