[lpi-discuss] How many exams do I have to pass in order to get LPIC3

Juris Krumins juris.krumins at ctco.lv
Mon Nov 16 03:12:33 EST 2009

Hi Kevin.
Thank's for your answer. I think I got it, so when I've passed 301, I
got 301 "Core" certificate. Once I'll pass 302/303 and so on, I'll get
certain "Specialty" certificate.  

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Hi Juris,

Yes, you have achieved the LPIC-3 "Core" certification by passing the
301 exam. The 302 and beyond are specialty designations. More
information can be found on our website here:




Juris Krumins <juris.krumins at ctco.lv> writes:

> Currently I'm holding LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 certificates.
> Recently I've passed LPIC-3 301 exam ("Core" exam for LPIC-3
> certification). Is it enough to get LPIC-3 certification or I have to
> choose and pass specialty exam (302 and/or 303).
> Thanks for answering my question and sorry for my bad English.
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