[lpi-discuss] LPIC 2 study material ?

Imran Chaudhry ichaudhry at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 08:06:41 EST 2010

> Hi everyone,
> I've got the LPIC-1 level last december. To pass this exam, I used the
> book "LINUX - Pr?paration ? la certification LPIC-1 (examens LPI 101 et
> LPI 102) - [2i?me ?dition]", form S?bastien Rohaut (in french). I
> strongly recomand this book (at least for french-speaking people).
> Now, I am looking for study materials for level 2, but I cannot find any
> in french or english (I've seen a few book in German, though).
> I'd appreciate any references you may have.
> Sincerely,
> Fran?ois


This question has come up a few times before in case you want to
search the archives. If you search "LPI2 study resources" or similar
you'll hopefully get a bunch of other sites.

I passed LPI2 by using the 2nd Edition of O'Reilly LPI in a Nutshell
plus the published detailed LPI2 objectives and, this is the important
bit, the diffs between the old exam and the April 2009 revision exam.
The diff is available on the LPI website. I was going to wait until
the 3rd edition of the O'Reilly book was out but it missed it's Aug
2009 release on Amazon and I got impatient (curiously, I cannot find
the book on the .com or .co.uk site anymore). I would possibly source
a second-hand copy as it is now out of date. The IBM developer works
LPI pages were also good on topics where the book was lacking. The
last bit of advice I would give is above all, do the practical
exercises in the book and grab a copy of VirtualBox or a physical
server so you can install Debian (or Fedora etc) and create firewalls,
mailservers, web servers, web proxies etc. It helps the topics to
stick in your mind.


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