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slamberton slamberton at lpi.org
Tue Feb 16 12:06:30 EST 2010

Siavash Sefidvash wrote:
> Hello again, I have been using the Viasinc online material to work
> towards the LPI 101 exam. Viasinc are supposed to be approved by LPI yet
> I have noticed they include Yum package manager as part of the
> objectives when  at the same time I notice OpenSuse is not using it
> anymore. Is anyone here using Viasinc? Can anyone from LPI confirm
> Viasinc's approval rating?
> Regards
> Siavash Sefidvash


As Anselm has already indicated LPI no longer uses the LPI Approved
Training Materials (LPI-ATM) designation--although individual affiliates
may have an approval programs for their territories.  LPI dropped this
program as many of our affiliates felt that the costs (and process)
associated with this program were acting as a barrier to the development
of language-specific courseware.

However, to be listed on our website books, course material, etc. must
align with our exam objectives.  Our product development team reviews
all such material to ensure that it does align with our exam objectives.
 Viasinc does align with our new objectives--and they previously did
have LPI-ATM status.

On your question regarding OpenSuse (and as others have pointed out) LPI
is distribution-neutral.  We don't develop our exam objectives with any
one Linux distribution in mind.  Instead Linux professionals from around
the world determine through our exam development process what should be
included in our exams.  This may mean that our exams include objectives
on technologies that are not included in some distributions.  For more
informaiton on our exam development process please see the following:

Hope this helps.


Scott Lamberton
Director of Communications
Linux Professional Institute
slamberton at lpi.org

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