[lpi-discuss] obsolete course material

Don Corbet thelinuxguy at donet.com
Tue Feb 16 13:42:59 EST 2010

As per slamberton <slamberton at lpi.org>:

> Siavash Sefidvash wrote:
>> Hello again, I have been using the Viasinc online material to work
>> towards the LPI 101 exam. Viasinc are supposed to be approved by LPI yet
>> I have noticed they include Yum package manager as part of the
>> objectives when  at the same time I notice OpenSuse is not using it
>> anymore. Is anyone here using Viasinc? Can anyone from LPI confirm
>> Viasinc's approval rating?
>> Regards
>> Siavash Sefidvash
> Siavash:
> As Anselm has already indicated LPI no longer uses the LPI Approved
> Training Materials (LPI-ATM) designation--although individual affiliates
> may have an approval programs for their territories.  LPI dropped this
> program as many of our affiliates felt that the costs (and process)
> associated with this program were acting as a barrier to the development
> of language-specific courseware.
> However, to be listed on our website books, course material, etc. must
> align with our exam objectives.  Our product development team reviews
> all such material to ensure that it does align with our exam objectives.
>  Viasinc does align with our new objectives--and they previously did
> have LPI-ATM status.
> On your question regarding OpenSuse (and as others have pointed out) LPI
> is distribution-neutral.  We don't develop our exam objectives with any
> one Linux distribution in mind.  Instead Linux professionals from around
> the world determine through our exam development process what should be
> included in our exams.  This may mean that our exams include objectives
> on technologies that are not included in some distributions.  For more
> informaiton on our exam development process please see the following:
> http://www.lpi.org/eng/certification/exam_development_process
> Hope this helps.
> scott
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Suse may want to stay in the 'yast management' mode, but it seems that  
the rest of the RPM based world is 'YUM-centric' and well supported in  
the upstream. When you think CentOS, OEL, Fedora, and RHEL (that's a  
lot of systems), it's going to be yum.

Best Regards,
Don Corbet

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