[lpi-discuss] LPI-type exam but Networking-only?

Imran Chaudhry ichaudhry at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 13:21:42 EST 2010

Sorry if this is kinda off-topic but I thought I'd ask it anyway in a
"wisdom of crowds" sort of way.

I'm looking for a certification exam that will teach me the
fundamentals of computer networking in a vendor-neutral way (just like
LPI is vendor-neutral for Linux). When I say networking I mean going
beyond the network-related chapters in LPI1 and 2 (which I have got
already) but not for a complete beginner to computers. Essentially,
I'm looking for something aimed at a starting network administrator.
In my work, I'm faced with a situation where we are designing a new
office network and I want to keep up with my colleagues, some of the
topics are VLANs, routing, choosing address ranges with subnetting,
switches (eg. HP ProCurve-class stuff), firewall/routers and VPNs.

The exam I have so far identified as meeting my needs is CompTIA
Network+. I intend to pursue that this year unless I find a better
alternative. Are LPI thinking/planning of branching into such a field?
The CompTIA exam is geared for someone placed to be a network
technician but on the career path to a network administrator. It
probably overlaps some fraction of the network knowledge in LPI1 and 2
but thats not such a bad thing as a refresher of the fundamentals is
sometimes good.

I've seen many recommended books from searching Google and the
serverfault.com site (eg. "Network Warrior" O'Reilly press and "TCP/IP
Illustrated Vol. 1"). I'm looking for a certification exam though as I
believe that, plus practical experience, represents more higher
quality learning than simply reading a book.


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