[lpi-discuss] Recertification

Anselm Lingnau anselm.lingnau at linupfront.de
Tue Jan 26 18:02:53 EST 2010

Some One schrieb:

> I just saw that CompTIA is moving toward allowing continuing ed
> credits instead of recertification.
> http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2010/01/comptia-backs-down-past-cer
> ts-remain-valid-for-life.ars Are there any plans at LPI of rethinking the
>  current recertification methodology?

The idea has been floating around for a while but AFAIK there are no concrete 
plans to do so. Matt Rice (LPI's director of exam development) is an ardent 
campaigner for alternative recertification schemes, so maybe he can comment on 
the current state of affairs.

Personally, I agree with Matt, although since I have no official standing with 
LPI this doesn't matter one way or the other. I think it would make particular 
sense in the context of LPIC-3 -- for somebody with an LPIC-1 certificate, the 
obvious way to »recertify« is to obtain an LPIC-2 certificate within the next 
five years, but there is no similar way forward from LPIC-3 (AFAIR LPIC-3 
speciality certificates don't »reset the clock« for the base certificate, but 
even if they do there is less of a compelling case to add a speciality every 
five years than there is to »move upwards« from LPIC-1 or -2).

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