[lpi-discuss] grub2 and upstart coverage

rasca at miamammausalinux.org rasca at miamammausalinux.org
Tue Jan 4 04:14:27 EST 2011

Il giorno Mar 04 Gen 2011 09:41:00 CET, Alessandro Selli ha scritto:
>    As a side note, I detest how much upstart turned complicated previously
> simple tasks as running a getty on a serial line connected to a modem.
>    Bye,

Why don't we talk about the grub2 stuff? "Complicated" is not the best 
term to describe how this new incarnation is.
It seems to me that we're going backward instead of forward. In this way 
Linux will never be a main stream product. For most of us this is not so 
important, but complicating things that were simple before is not the 
way of the evolution. Obviously IMHO.

Raoul Scarazzini
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