Doubts from the italian "members"

Marta Rosso martarosso at
Thu Apr 11 19:26:18 EDT 2002

Hello everybody,
I am one of the "would-be" founders of the italian affiliate.
Until a month ago I worked for the italian subsidiary of SuSE and was
told by Greg Wright that I was too "vendor" involved to enter in the
italian LPI board. Now I work for a small Linux services company, Yacme
(, so I feel free to speak!

The most active volunteer here in Italy is Ernesto Ferrari, who
maintains the italian website and spends time to promote LPI.
We also involved a historical italian Linux company, Prosa, who has
agreed to host the LPI Italy website, and also to give us space in a
booth at the june event in Padova. Paolo Didonè who works in
Prosa also will join LPI Italy from the start.

In December I and Ernesto met Greg Wright. We spoke about founding the
italian affiliate, Greg liked us, we liked Greg and especially the
values he spoke about: openess, transparency, and so on.

But in these months, during which I read the news and newsletters, I did
not feel I was getting involved in a transparent organization.
This freezed my good intents, so if I shall continue helping LPI some
questions have to be answered:

1) Where is the list of LPI members? I can see only "directors" and
"staff" on the website. According to bylaws, members should elect the
2) If people like Ernesto help actively (with time and expenses they
incur) why aren't they entitled to be members and thus vote the LPI
board? We only were told: "LPI had it's annual meeting to elect the new
3) Why did you fix the guidelines on the affiliates, which were declared
on February 3, without involving us in the discussion?
In a stroke you created strong "monetary" incentives to setup an
affiliate, changing completely the nature of the volunteer-based
organization LPI looked like.
4) Why can't we see the financial entries / expenses of LPI (which
always points back to the problem of not being members)?
5) Why are the meeting minutes not posted anymore on the site (the last
one is of May 2001)?

I hope I am wrong but LPI looks to me like a for-profit company who is
leveraging the efforts of volunteers all over the world to pursue its
own interests.

I disagree with the idea of founding an european LPI. I think that each
country should have its own affiliates to be able to get money from
local sponsors and spend them in local events and translations.

I think that these affiliates should be fully entitled members of LPI
Canada and participate to all discussions and decisions.

Marta Rosso

>Any MBA around here? Let's talk about numbers!
>Which costs will each LPI-affiliate-scenario demand?

I have a degree in economics and after working 16 months for SuSE italy
I have a certain feel for linux-related marketing expenses.
I can help with a business plan if needed.

Marta Rosso
Via Casette Zanasi 40
41051 Castelnuovo Rangone (MO)
+39 335 6684499

Long Live Tux!

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