Doubts from the italian "members"

Fernando Maior fmaior at
Wed Apr 17 10:20:37 EDT 2002

Marta Rosso wrote:

> Thank you Evan and Chuck, your answers have been quite satisfactory for me 
> and I appreciated your fairness, even though I had been so "hostile".
> Thank you Greg for your patience and your realistic thinking.
> I'm sorry for my aggressive approach, but I quite got angry after thinking of 
> getting involved in LPI and feeling I wasn't able to understand your decision 
> procedures through the information available on the website and in the lists.
> Now I understand you structured LPI in a very "practical" way, limiting the 
> number of people involved in strategical decisions; but I recognize you give 
> a really good service to the community, also encouraging participation in the 
> exam definition process.
> For more "transparency", I would be thankful if the financial information and 
> the meeting minutes could be made available through the website.
> I will try to write a business plan for an italian affiliate in the next two 
> weeks to give a more concrete contribution, and will get involved in the 
> discussion for the european way to go.
> Thank you again,
> Marta
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Marta, you asked some very important questions, and I am happy they were 
asked *and* answered. I also would like to state here that you three 
acted in a way I can call respectful, good-willed and friendly. It *is* 
a cumpliment for you three.

Marta, I am involved with LPI-Brazil and we are having a difficult time 
with sponsors up here. May be we can be helped by some of your insights 
about a business plan, and may be we can help you in any other way. I 
will be personally thankful to you, if you could.

Fernando Maior
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