Doubts from the italian "members"

Evan Leibovitch evan at
Wed Apr 17 15:59:13 EDT 2002

On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Fernando Maior wrote:

> Marta, you asked some very important questions, and I am happy they were 
> asked *and* answered. I also would like to state here that you three 
> acted in a way I can call respectful, good-willed and friendly. It *is* 
> a cumpliment for you three.

Thank you!

> Marta, I am involved with LPI-Brazil and we are having a difficult time 
> with sponsors up here. May be we can be helped by some of your insights 
> about a business plan, and may be we can help you in any other way. I 
> will be personally thankful to you, if you could.

One good place to start would be with the local branch offices of existing 
LPI sponsors -- IBM, Caldera, SuSE, HP, etc. -- as these companies have 
already made significant committments to LPI and they would (they 
*should*) be willing to help advance LPI at a more-local level.

In Brazil, it would be obvious to try to talk to Connectiva. I remember 
some early conversations we had with them, but we somehow lost touch and I 
don't even remember who the contacts are. We would certainly do what we 
can to help LPI-Brazil in attracting Connectiva as a sponsor.

As for Italy, I'm afraid I am not very familiar with the Linux landscape
there. We would be glad to help (to the extent we can, speaking English
and thousands of kilometres away :-).

- Evan

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