Doubts from the italian "members"

Marta Rosso martarosso at
Thu Apr 18 04:43:44 EDT 2002

On Wednesday 17 April 2002 21:59, you wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Fernando Maior wrote:
> > Marta, you asked some very important questions, and I am happy they were
> > asked *and* answered. I also would like to state here that you three
> > acted in a way I can call respectful, good-willed and friendly. It *is*
> > a cumpliment for you three.
> Thank you!
You are nice to say this, thanks as well.

> > Marta, I am involved with LPI-Brazil and we are having a difficult time
> > with sponsors up here. May be we can be helped by some of your insights
> > about a business plan, and may be we can help you in any other way. I
> > will be personally thankful to you, if you could.

I will send you a draft of my business plan as soon as possible (~10 days).
Maybe we could form a "Latin LPI" to oversee activities in Southern America, 
Portugal, Spain and Italy...
I'm joking of course; I would like to take this opportunity to tell German 
and French LPI members that from Italy we'll help with the european entity as 
far as possible, from our point of view we think that creating a local (in 
our case italian) affiliate is more urgent, but an european "informal" 
structure for debate and organization of common initiatives is a good idea.

> One good place to start would be with the local branch offices of existing
> LPI sponsors -- IBM, Caldera, SuSE, HP, etc. -- as these companies have
> already made significant committments to LPI and they would (they
> *should*) be willing to help advance LPI at a more-local level.

> As for Italy, I'm afraid I am not very familiar with the Linux landscape
> there. We would be glad to help (to the extent we can, speaking English
> and thousands of kilometres away :-).

In Italy SuSE (which Ernesto and I worked for) supports LPI offering the 
exams at the local branch and promoting the certification on the website. I 
think they can also offer us speaking slots at fairs/events.
We will speak to IBM next saturday in occasion of a Linux conference at the 
Futurshow event (consumer IT event in Bologna).
We will also try to contact HP.
How are the relationships with Sun?


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