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Mon Apr 29 13:34:07 EDT 2002

 Hello and welcome to April's newsletter.
 Please let us know if you find any errors, or if we have missed some
 information you would like to see mentioned in the next newsletter.
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 1. LPI-Europe and LinuxTag - Karlsruhe, Germany
 2. Discounted Exams in California
 3. Linux World Japan - http://www.idg.co.jp/expo/lw/  May 29th - 31st
 4. LPI alumni conference in Toronto, Canada
 5. Volunteer of the month - Brian Beck of Bradford Learning.com
 6. Over 10,000 LPI exams taken !
 7. Waiting for your LPI certificate to arrive ?
 8. New sponsors;  http://www.lpi.org/a-sponsors.html
 9. LPI T-shirts.
 10.New LPI supporters - Gavin Buckley and Chloe York
 1.  LPI-Europe
 There has been tremendous support for plans to organize a working group
 to help make people aware of LPI around the European continent.
 We are always interested in your ideas on how to make this work, so
 if you would like to participate in any way - please let us know.
 Contact; info at lpi.org
 Please visit the LPI booth at LinuxTag 2002 in Karlsruhe, Germany, and
 offer your assistance or encouragement !  The show will take place on
 June 6th - 9th 2002.
 There will be much discussion on the LPI-Europe plans.
 2.   LPI Discounted Exams at various locations around California.
 With our continued commitment to offer exams as inexpensively as
 possible we will be offering $50 exams at the following locations;
 SD Expo, San Jose
 April 24th - 26th 2002 http://www.sdexpo.com/
 IBM developerWorks Live!
 May 7-10, 2002  Moscone Ctr.  San Francisco
 If you are an IBM partner - please go to the IBM booth,
 and they will give you a voucher for a free LPI exam
 We hope to do this as often as possible at different locations.
 Please check our website for details.
 Thanks to IBM for assisting us with this arrangement.
 3. Linux World Japan - http://www.idg.co.jp/expo/lw/
 On May 29th - 31st Linux World in Tokyo, Japan will open their doors
 and LPI will be there.
 If you are at the show, please stop and say hello.
 4.  Alumni Conference   -
 (If you have your LPI certificate, please read and comment asap.)
 We are making plans to offer an LPI alumni conference to be held in
 Toronto, Canada in May 2003.
 The conference will be for all graduates of the LPIC-1 certification.
 We hope that all alumni will attempt to come to this first conference
 where we plan to have speakers - discussions - a trip to downtown
 Toronto and you will meet some of the LPI board members and volunteers.
 We would really like to make this an interactive event, where LPICs
 can meet, and discuss the benefits of a Linux certification, and
 can network to gain insight into what is happening around the world.
 Please give us your thoughts on this plan, and if you would be
 interested in coming, or in participating with planning, sponsoring,
 advertising etc.
 We are excited to meet some of our graduates - and hope you will try
 to arrange a trip here next year.
 I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this plan.
 Please contact me at;  wilma at lpi.org
 5.  Volunteer of the month - Brian Beck of Bradford Learning
 Thank-you Brian, for your assistance at the show in San Jose, where
 we were able with your assistance to offer inexpensive exams, and also
 offer information on the LPI program.  We really appreciate your help.
 If you are at the IBM DeveloperWorks show in San Francisco in May
 (See section 2 above) - Brian will again be offering the LPI exams.
 6. Statistics on LPI exams.
 We have now passed 10,000 exams taken since we started offering LPI
 exams in January 2000.
 Take a look at the press release shown here, to see the details.

 7. "When will I get my certificate?"
 For those of you patiently waiting to receive your LPI certificate,
 we wanted to let you know the procedure and the time frame involved.
 We send out certificates to candidates who have completed their exams
 the month following completion of the exam......meaning that if you
 complete your exams in April, we will have your certificate sent in
 Please read this FAQ for details on the procedure;
 8. New Sponsors
 We are pleased to see new sponsorships coming in from our supporters.
 In the past month we received sponsorships from 9 new supporters,
 who wanted to support what LPI is doing, and their names appear at
 the bottom of the sponsors list.
 We really appreciate their financial contributions.

 9. LPI T-shirts.
 Please check the LPI website, and let us know if you think we should
 produce T-shirts for sale to LPI supporters.  We need to ensure it
 will be worth while to do this - and need comments to gather your

 10. New Babies
 We are delighted to announce the birth this month of 2 new LPI babies.
 Gavin Buckley was born in Texas USA this month and is the brand
 new son of our board member and treasurer - Jared Buckley
 Chloe York was born in Ottawa Canada this month and is the brand
 new daughter of Dan York, one of the original founders of LPI.
 Congratulations to the Buckley and York families.
 Thanks for your continued support of LPI.
 Please contact us for any information or concerns you may have.
 Wilma Silbermann
 Executive Assistant
 wilma at lpi.org
 905 874 4822

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