LPI-News August 2002

Wilma Silbermann wilma at lpi.org
Wed Aug 28 10:03:07 EDT 2002

Hello and welcome to the August issue of the LPI-News. 

There has been lots of activity here at LPI recently - and here are a 
few of the highlights.  

1. Level 1 Revision.

2. Does your LPI certification expire ?

3. Linux World - San Francisco.

4. LPI - T-shirts.

5. LPI's New President.

6. Education and Training.

7. Apologies 

1...Level 1 Revision;

Level 1 has been updated and has been re-published with Vue and 
Prometric - in English (Japanese translation to be completed soon).

The Beta form of the re-written Level 1 exams is out at all Vue and 
Prometric testing sites around the world - these beta exams are scored
when you take the exam - (there is no waiting for results).
They will be used for your certification.  

If you have taken the old 101 exam, you can now take the new updated
102 exam (or vice versa) and if you pass both - you will still be 
certified LPIC-1.

Kara Pritchard is our director of exam development She has written 
a brief overview of the re-written Level 1 exams;

LPI Level 1 Release 2 Beta - "Friend or Foe"

We have been overwhelmed by the interest of individuals for our new beta 
exams for LPI's Level 1 Certification. This is a very exciting time for 
the staff of LPI to have grown large enough (and long enough) to need to 
update our original product.

There has been a concern by candidates, however, regarding taking these 
beta exams while having prepared for the old exam content and
Exam candidates should not be concerned about this.  

A "beta" period is used when a new exam with new items (questions) are 
released. This exam is typically not scored until the results of how the 
items are performing, and other psychometric analyses are completed, 
including the "cut score standard study".  In the past, this phase has 
required candidates to wait 6 months to receive their exam results.  LPI 
decided that such a wait was not acceptable service for LPIC candidates.

For this reason, LPI opted to use a "seeded" beta for the second release 
of the Level 1 exams.  This means that a form of the original item pool
used on the new exam forms and the new beta items are seeded in.  
Candidates are scored based on their performance of the items that
completed a beta process, while they also participate in a standard beta 
evaluation for the new items, which do not affect their scores.

Therefore, candidates who complete the beta program have the opportunity 
to help LPI set the standard for our final Level 1 Release 2 exams while 
obtaining their LPIC-1 based on their knowledge of existing objectives.  
In fact, candidates participating in the beta have the advantage of 
extended time to complete the exam and an even better item pool with 
poorly performing items removed.

Before participating in our beta study, you should review the new 
objectives, which have been published since earlier this year.  


Thank-you for your support!


Next Phase of Level 1 Release 2 Development Begins

With the new beta exams published, LPI's exam development team has taken
brief nap and is ready to begin the next phase, "Cut Score Standard 
Study". Setting the cut score standard is a typical psychometric process 
which is used to set the score scale and passing (cut) score for the 

This process takes several weeks and involves a group of qualified 
administrators to review the new exam items and rate them against the 
"minimally qualified candidate" for how the candidate would perform on
item. This process is repeated as the subject matter experts collaborate 
on these results and come to a consensus. This consensus is compared to 
the beta analysis results and a cut score is created. The process is
tedious but is the most important part of the exam development process. 

We need to build a group that is well rounded and representative of the 
Linux community to complete this project.  If you are available for a
hours a week for the next few weeks, please contact our Director of Exam 
Development, Kara Pritchard, kara at lpi.org.  Please send her your 
credentials or resume so she can build our Subject Matter Expert (SME) 

2...Expiration of your LPIC;

Please remember that LPI offers certification that does not expire.

Once you have your LPIC - 1 or 2, you may update it at any time if you
wish, so that you don't have an out of date certification - 
but we leave that entirely up to you, the candidate, to decide when and
if you should re-certify.

3...Linux World - San Francisco

The show was a great success for LPI.  We had over 200 exams taken
during the show, and a lot of interest from various possible candidates.

For those of you who took the exams in San Francisco, thanks for 
coming out to participate.

We thank all those who came out to help by doing booth duty - during
the show;

Ed Riddle
Mark Neilson
Brian Beck
Chander Cant
Brian Cooley

(If I have missed anyone, I apologize - we had a very busy few days in
San Francisco. !)

4...LPI T-shirts

LPI T-shirts are available at Linux Central.....they are really 
quite nice - with a small logo in the front and a large Elpic
penguin on the back. 


If you are interested in purchasing a Tshirt - you should know that
some of the funds are directed back to LPI to continue the LPI work.

5....LPI has a new President;

At a special meeting of the Board of Directors - the Board
elected Evan Leibovitch as the new President of LPI.  

Chuck Mead has decided to leave the position for personal reasons,
and the board thanks him very much for his valuable contributions over
the past year.  Chuck will continue as a board member at large.

Evan Leibovitch has been with LPI since it's inception, and hopes to 
continue to provide leadership to ensure LPI has a quality product 
and remains a very professional and desirable designation. 


It's important that anyone who wants to find training for the LPI 
exams should be able to find it easily.  There are a couple of areas
where you can find training;

LPI approved training material (LATM) http://www.lpi.org 

Please look at the training page of LPI's website;

and this unaffiliated site, that shows Linux training around the 

Join our mailing lists to ensure you are updated on what's happening
at LPI - and also to exchange ideas on training, and other issues.


It seems I had a few errors in last months News letter, and I would
like to make an apology.

First; Sponsors  
To those of you looking for our sponsor list - please check here; 

On New Training Material - http://www.boson.com
Apology to www.boson.com (I had a spelling error here)

Finally on the LPI-Japan paragraph, Ninomiya Mizue is the main
contact and her e-mail address is; 
"Ninomiya Mizue (LPI Japan)" <ninomiya at lpi.or.jp>

If you find an error in any of these informal LPI News letters, please
don't hesitate to let me know....I would appreciate it.

Thanks for your support of LPI.

Wilma Silbermann
Executive Assistant
wilma at lpi.org
905 874 4822

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