LPI News June 2002

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Thu Jun 27 23:12:38 EDT 2002

Welcome to the LPI News for June 2002.

Please take a look at what's happening at LPI - and if there are any
comments or thoughts - don't hesitate to let us know;
info at lpi.org   

1;  Members Log-In.
2;  Prometric Update
3;  LPI in Austria and Germany
4;  United Linux and LPI
5;  FSG and LPI
6;  LPI goes to China in July and San Francisco in August 
7;  Where can I get LPI training ?
    Where can I take LPI exams ?
8;  New LPI Resource - 
8a; Volunteer of the Month; Jason Richey


A reminder about the Log-in and Members account.

As mentioned in last months News-letter, we now have the database 
built that will allow you to:

1. Get your LPI number in advance to take to the test centre when you
   register for an LPI exam.

2. Change your address, phone or e-mail on LPI's database.

3. Check which exams you have taken and your scores.

Please go to the LPI website;  http://www.lpi.org and click on

If you have problems or questions, please don't hesitate to contact
us; info at lpi.org

LPI would like to sincerely thank our database manager, Mr Charles 
Galpin who has spent much of his own time and his abilities to help
LPI build this function and maintain the database, thank-you Charles.

 We will shortly be offering the LPI exams through the Prometric
 testing sites around the world. http://www.prometric.com
 We will start by offering the L2 exams at Prometric within the next
 2 weeks. (July 7th is the anticipated launch date)
 LPI-201 and 202 will be available at both Prometric and Vue
 locations world wide .
 Level 1 exams will follow with LPI-101 and 102 being made available
 within the next few weeks.
 Please watch the LPI website for the update;  http://www.lpi.org
 LPI will continue to offer all it's exams through Vue as usual;


LPI was invited to attend the IBM software symposium in Vienna,
Austria in June 2002.

The symposium featured discussions on the various IBM software and
how it runs on the Linux platform;
ie; Lotus, Websphere, DB2 etc.

Other major news discussed at the symposium was the German government
and it's plans to work with IBM to install Linux.



Torsten Scheck ran the booth at at the LinuxTag 2002 in Karlsruhe, 
and sent this report;

"Thanks to the assistance of the German Linux Association (LIVE),

Many candidates took the chance and talked with me about exam
preparation, the testing procedure, the exam objectives, or LPI
in general.  Some alumni came by for a chat, too.  Beside
publishers of LPI courseware and books and trainers preparing
students for the LPI exams, we had another group of professional
visitors: managers using the LPI program as the base for
company-internal quality measures.  Representatives of
universities and other educational institutions were also very
interested in LPI due to the open and vendor-neutral
exam/objective development process.

A short presentation of LPI within the conference track of the
LinuxTag had many visitors. Some of those even joined the team
which works on the foundation of an LPI-Germany.

We reached new candidates and spread the word about the LPI
project. Thank you for this show, dear LinuxTag team!"

4;  United Linux;

As you know United Linux is an exciting  new venture created by 
Caldera, TurboLinux, Connectiva and Suse.  

Chuck Mead President of LPI had this to say about the new venture;

"LPI is pleased to work with the United Linux Team. We have worked with
Suse, Caldera and Turbo for many years, as they are charter sponsors of
LPI.  We have also known Connectiva for some time, and look forward to
working with them going forward. 

With LPI's vendor neutral position we are well prepared to work with 
and support United Linux and their future plans."

5; FSG 

Free Standards Group

LPI has become a Nonprofit Member of the 'Free Standards Group'
(http://freestandards.org/about/members.php).  LPI President, Chuck Mead

"LPI has always supported the Linux Standard Base (LSB) and the
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS), indirectly with our tests, and now
we have made it official.  We felt that it was important to support them
as they offer standards, tools and compliance tests which are critical
to the continued advancement of Linux."

6A;  LPI in China

One of our board members; Mr Evan Leibovitch, will be travelling to 
China to participate in IBM's Linux tour in that country.

The IBM events are free to the public and will feature an "LPI exam
at which the LPI-101 tests will be given at no cost for participants. 
The events are known as the "Speed-start your Linux App" briefings:

- Tuesday, July 16, Beijing: Kerry Center Hotel, 1 Guang Hua Road

- Thursday, July 18, Shanghai: Regal International East Asia Hotel, 516 
  Hengshan Road

- Tuesday, July 23, Guangzhou: Garden Hotel, 368 Huanshi Dong Lu

Other events:

July 13, Evan will be presenting to a conference of CSDN
(http://www.csdn.net/english/) in Beijing and speaking to the media.

July 19 he will speak to an academic event held at Zhejiang University
in Hangzhou.

If you have the opportunity, please go and meet with Evan, at any of
these speaking opportunities.

6B;     LPI at San Francisco's Linux World Event

Linux World will be held on August 12th to 15th at the Moscone Centre
in San Francisco.


LPI will be there, and we look forward to meeting many of you at the

We also plan to offer LPI exams at that show - and many more details 
will be available in the July News-letter.

In the meantime, if anyone would like to assist at the LPI booth 
during the show - we would be pleased to hear from you.  The duties
are fun and discussions are endless.
If you would like to come out and discuss LPI with the show 
participants, please let us know;
info at lpi.org


These two questions are the most repeated questions that LPI receives.

They can be answered by checking these sites;

For training;  http://www.lpi.org/c-preparation.html
and            http://www.lintraining.com

For exam sites; http://www.vue.com/lpi

(and coming very soon; http://www.prometric.com )

8; New LPI Resource.

Thanks to Jason Richey, we have a new resource to help you study to 
the LPI certification;


This is an independent site that has been put together by Jason, and
we are pleased to be able to let people know about it.

This month's LPI Volunteer of the month award must go to Jason Richey 
for putting so much work into this site.

If you are aware of any articles or have any press information,
regarding LPI please let us know - we would like to ensure we are aware
of all press info. around the world.

Thank-you, and have a lovely July.....

Wilma Silbermann
LPI Executive Assistant
wilma at lpi.org
905 874 4822

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