"authorized" italian training center

Marta Rosso martarosso at tin.it
Thu May 16 12:20:29 EDT 2002

CE> I will remove their posting... when I translated it it looked to me like
CE> they intended to have a seminar talking about LPI. I guess it was a lot
CE> more self promoting than that.

In the posting and on the event program it is not clear what they are going 
to talk about. But even if they intend talking only of LPI (which is not 
stated) I do not think that whoever can give talks about LPI without asking 
our prior consent (and by our, I mean LPI.org AND the italian LPI people).

MR>But I am still waiting for the financial information about LPI to be
MR>posted on the website...

CE> What financial information are you looking for?

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