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On Thursday 16 May 2002 19:35, you wrote:
> On Thu, 16 May 2002, Marta Rosso posted the following:
> MR>
> MR>CE> What financial information are you looking for?
> MR>
> MR>>From the April "Doubts" discussion on lpi-intl:
> MR>
> MR>>MR> 4) Why can't we see the financial entries / expenses of LPI (which
> MR>>MR> always points back to the problem of not being members)?
> MR>
> MR>>(Evan Leibovitch)
> MR>>EL> We do release financial information. As a non-profit, our financial
> MR>>EL> records *must* be available for public examination. I will talk to
> our MR>>EL> Treasurer to see how they have been made available.
> MR>
> MR>This kind of information could also help me a lot with the Business
> Plan!
> I need to know specifically what financial information you feel you need
> from us to complete the development of your business plan.
> The only relevant information I can think of would be the test delivery
> count for Italy (which I can get for you next week).

The test delivery count would of course be useful, but also the kind of 
expenses and incomes of LPI; for example, if I see that LPI gives out 40% of 
its budget for participation to events, 25% for personnel and 15% for the 
preparation of exams, and another 20% for other promotional activities, and 
has 50% of income from sponsors and 50% from exams, I will model the Italian 
budget on similar assumptions, of course regarding if they make sense for 

Besides this, I think Evan Leibovitch got the point when he said that as 
non-profit entity LPI's financial records must be available for public 
I don't like to get involved in non transparent-organizations, because this 
is my "leisure" time, so I want to choose!
I can't understand why you have so much trouble making available these 
informations, If there is some "clever" reason please make it clear!

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