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Torsten Scheck torsten.scheck at gmx.de
Fri May 17 06:33:33 EDT 2002

On 05/17/2002 09:53 AM, Marta Rosso wrote:
> Besides this, I think Evan Leibovitch got the point when he said that as 
> non-profit entity LPI's financial records must be available for public 
> examination.
> I don't like to get involved in non transparent-organizations, because this 
> is my "leisure" time, so I want to choose!
> I can't understand why you have so much trouble making available these 
> informations, If there is some "clever" reason please make it clear!


I'm glad to know that we have a very striving LPI representative in
Italy. :-)  You push forward the whole LPI project with your questions
and demands. Thank you, Marta!

I encounter similar problems during my work for LPI. As LPI is run
mostly by volunteers, there are many neglected areas. But this could
be improved by putting more energy into the organization of the
volunteer delegation. IMO it's time for some tiny LPI jobs
(like "publication of financial records", "file management",
"checking of LPI references on the web", "web content manager", ...)
which take only few time but must be done regularly by a reliable

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