LPI - News May 2002

Wilma Silbermann wilma at lpi.org
Sun May 26 16:13:10 EDT 2002

Hello there;

Welcome to the May edition of the LPI Newsletter.

This month we felt it necessary to remind our readers that the LPI
program was launched over two years ago, based on input from the 
community, and we still appreciate any feedback, or input on this
newsletter or any of LPI's endeavors todate.

If you would like to post a thought or suggestion or just a quick
comment - please don't hesitate to let us know how you feel, or 
what questions you may have.

Add yourself to our mailing lists, and start posting your thoughts;

Or contact LPI at info at lpi.org or wilma at lpi.org.


1. LPI has a new log-in process

2. Caldera is the first to go through the approved training material

3. More Caldera news.

4.How popular is LPI ?

5.CRN survey requires LPIC-1 candidates

6.Voucher discounts.

7. Lintraining.com website.

8.LPI Volunteer of the Month - "Duffy Fron" <duffyf at us.ibm.com>

9.Linux World, Japan - LinuxTag, Germany

10. LPI exam 101 offered in Vienna, Austria through IBM.

1. Entering LPI's new log-in.

If you plan to take an LPI exam, please register on the LPI site to
get an LPI number which you then take to Vue to schedule your exam 

If you wish to look at your LPI records - you can check the log-in
and follow the instructions to see the exams taken.
Please note this is a new process and we are experiencing a few teething
problems. If you find a problem, please let us know asap.

2. Caldera gains LPI Approved Training Materials Recognition.


Back in February LPI put together a plan to approve training materials
that met a strict standard.  

Procert was given the task of approving training material based on 
these standards, and we are pleased to see that Caldera has finally
received approval of their material based on this plan.

If there are any other training companies who wish to participate, 
please contact Procert;  http://www.procertlabs.com

The press release can be found here;

3. More Caldera News.

Please note that Caldera has included the LPI certification in their
new certification tracks.
Caldera has been a long time supporter of LPI, and a charter sponsor.
They have seen the benefit of the LPI exams from the beginning, and 
are now using them to fill a niche in their certifications.


4. CRN Surveys Candidates with LPIC-1 certification. 

Please contact Mr. John Roberts of CRN if you have your LPIC-1 
certification for information on a survey he is conducting regarding 


jorobert at cmp.com

It is LPI's privacy policy not to offer listings of our graduates, but
we would ask you to please contact Mr Roberts if you have your LPIC-1
or 2, and participate in his survey.

Regarding the survey, Mr Roberts says;

" We just completed the first phase of surveying for our Certification 
Study, to be published in August, and found that LPI certifications are 
among the top 15 most important for solution providers'  business 
operations over the next 6-12 months.  

As such, we would like to go  back, find individuals who are LPI 
certified, and ask a series of follow-up questions."

5. On the subject of surveys;

How popular is the LPI certification amongst Linux Certifications?
Here is a little survey that shows LPI is very popular (please scroll
to the bottom of the page).


6. Bulk purchases of Exam Vouchers

LPI has a very simple voucher plan in place, and for those companies
who are putting a number of their employees through the 
certification, we suggest you take advantage of the plan.

Vouchers for each exam are $100 US.

If you purchase 50 - 99 vouchers there is a 5% discount on each
voucher. Each voucher will cost $95.00 US.  

If you purchase 100 + vouchers there is a 10% discount on each
voucher.  Each voucher will cost $90.00 US.

These vouchers are valid for any of the LPI exams, and any of the

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing in bulk.
wilma at lpi.org

7. Lintraining.com

As you all know LPI does not do any training.  We leave the training to
training organizations around the world.

Some time ago a website was put together that attempts to find as many
Linux training locations as possible.  There are now almost 700 Linux
training locations on this site, with more arriving regularly.
Many of these centres offer training to the LPI certification - some 
offer training to other certifications, and some do not train to any
particular certification.

Please have a look at this site, and ensure your training centre is


Thanks to Dave Whittinger and Dan York for putting this site together.

8. LPI Volunteer of the month "Duffy Fron" <duffyf at us.ibm.com>

Duffy has been our contact at IBM for the past few months.
His continued assistance to ensure LPI is well received within IBM
and in the community in general is appreciated.
Duffy is a really good friend to LPI and we thank him sincerely.

If any one is interested in supporting LPI and volunteering on LPI's
behalf - please let us know; info at lpi.org

9. Linux Shows;

As mentioned in last months news letter, LPI will be at Linux World
in Tokyo, Japan and also at LinuxTag in Karslruhe, Germany 
- please stop in and speak to the LPI folk at these shows, who will
be pleased to discuss LPI's plans and processes.

http://www.idg.co.jp/expo/lw/            May 29th - 31st
http://www.linuxtag.org/2002/deutsch/30.html   June 6 - 9th

10.  LPI exams at the IBM symposium in Vienna, Austria;

LPI will be offering exam 101 through IBM's symposium.
If you will be attending this event, please speak with the staff there
and they will direct you to the LPI testing area.


Thanks again for all your support,

Wilma Silbermann
Executive Assistant
wilma at lpi.org
905 874 4822

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