LPI Level 1 exams - re-released March 28th 2003

Wilma Silbermann wilma at lpi.org
Mon Mar 31 22:20:13 EST 2003


LPI is pleased to announce the re-publication of the Level 1 exams.
  On March 28th 2003, LPI published it's Level 1 exams under the new
  objectives which can be found on the website;
  You will also find the press release with more details on the LPI
  website - LPI-News section.
  This is another milestone in the history of LPI.
  We hope you will encourage the use of LPI and participate fully in
  the ongoing plans to grow LPI around the world.
  Thanks for your continued support of the LPI program.
  Wilma Silbermann
  Executive Assistant
  wilma at lpi.org

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