LPI-News March 2003

Wilma Silbermann wilma at lpi.org
Tue Apr 1 19:16:57 EST 2003

The Linux Professional Institute (known as LPI) offers vendor neutral
certification for Linux System Administrators.

Here are some LPI news items from the month of March.

1; Second Release of Level 1 published on March 28th 2003.
2; Report on Cebit IT fair, Hannover - Germany

3; LPI Information for LPI Germany 

4; Another new site to help prepare for LPI exams

5; Real World Linux - Toronto, Canada - April 28th - 30th

6; New Orleans welcomes LPI and UL

7; LPI president makes key note presentation in Munich

8; Statistics

9; Assistance for disabled LPI candidates.

1; Level 1 is re-released on March 28th 2003

LPI is pleased to tell you that the new level 1 (release 2) exams are 
now available at all Vue and Prometric sites - in English.
The Japanese translation will be published within the next few weeks.
The new objectives (with weights) are available here.

Release 2 has been thoroughly tested and evaluated by our psychometric 
team and we are positive these exams meet our high standards and will 
continue to ensure LPI remains a valid certification in the IT world.
There has been some courseware prepared with the new objectives and we
expect to see more new courseware prepared. We will add these details 
to the web site as they become available.  

As you are aware, LPI is training neutral and we appreciate all 
courseware providers who offer the training that leads to the LPI exams.


2; Cebit IT Fair, Hannover - Germany

Cebit claims to be the largest IT fair in the world, with 27 buildings 
as big as football fields, and visitors from around the world.
LPI participated at Cebit again this year with a small booth in the
'Open Source Exchange' area which included Linux International, Igel, 
Mission Critical and others.
We offered exam 101 and 201 during the fair and everyday the exam lab
was full.
During the fair, the Open Source Exchange hosted a day of information 
on Linux issues.  There were many tracks including one from Suse and one
presentation done by "Maddog' of Linux International.  LPI presented an
hour of information in English and German - there were many questions 
and comments on LPI and it was generally a very successful day.

3; LPI-Germany Information

The German version of current news will appear a few days after the
publishing of the English original at

There is an archive of German translations of former LPI-news at

The page
offers additional German related  resources like a list of German VUE
and Prometric test centers in zip code order for the easy location of
test centers nearby.

There is a new public mailing list for German LPI friends as a platform
to discuss local LPI issues. Subscribe at:
If general issues are concerned, the international list lpi-discuss
should be preferred, though.
See   http://lpi.org/mailman/listinfo  for other lists.

4; Another new site to help prepare for LPI exams.

One of our volunteer friends in Germany, Florian Kalhammer,  built a 
site that offers a simulation of the LPI 101 and recently added the
102 exam.  

The URL is http://www.linux-praxis.de/lpisim

Although his site is in German, both simulations are in the english 
language, and both are completely free.

Thank you, Florian.

5; Real World Linux - Toronto, Canada - April 28th - 30th

We will be at the show in Toronto - and will be offering exams 
at $20 Cdn (admin. fee).  You can take exam 101 or 201 but you must
register for the exam and come with your ID number;

Let me know if you will be taking an exam during the show,
which exam and which time frame;
wilma at lpi.org

April 29th 10AM or 2PM
April 30th 10AM or 2PM
Room Number 809

6; New Orleans welcomes LPI and United Linux.

At the IBM Developer Day in New Orleans, LPI and UL will publicize
the objectives for the UL exams that are being developed.

The plans for the United Linux certification require the candidate to
pass the LPI Level 1 exams as a pre-requisite for the UL exam 103.
and pass the LPI Level 2 exams as a pre-requisite for the UL exam 203.

There will also be an opportunity at this conference for candidates 
to take the LPI exam 101 or 201 at no cost.
Please check the IBM site for details on the conference, and let us
know if you plan to attend, and wish to take the exam;
wilma at Lpi.org

Exam time frame will be;
April 9th  3PM
April 10th 11.30AM and 3.45PM

Room 341.

7; LPI in Munich, Germany

Evan Leibovitch, President of LPI, was invited to Munich Germany to 
speak at the Linux Business Forum - on the use of Linux and 
international acceptance and development. 
Please read the press release regarding his key note address on
the LPI web site - News section.

8; Statistics

To keep you up-to-date on the LPI statistics;

Exams taken to date (approx.); 24,000  
Certifications (approx); 5,500

Most exams taken in: 
(in order)   


followed closely by;

9; Assistance for disabled candidates

We are pleased to tell you that we have a blind candidate who has
passed his Level 1 exams and is now LPIC-1. 
With the assistance of LPI-Japan and Vue, we were able to make 
arrangements to ensure security of the exams and enable the
candidate to complete the exams. Congratulations are extended to our
candidate, who prefers to remain anonymous.  

If there are any other candidates who require special assistance,
please let us know and we will try to accommodate. 

Thanks for all your support and please let me know if there are any
questions or concerns with the LPI program.

Thank you,

Wilma Silbermann
Executive Assistant
wilma at lpi.org
905 874 4822

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