LPI-News October 2003

Wilma Silbermann wilma at lpi.org
Mon Nov 3 23:35:09 EST 2003

Welcome to the October issue of the LPI Newsletter.

New resource for Candidates; http://www.lpiforums.com
Testing Sites
European Cost Reduction
Website Translators
Retake Policy
Certification Upgrades

1: LPI-UK affiliate and the Linux Expo UK 2003.

The Linux Expo was held in London's Olympia Centre in October.
Thanks to Brian Teeman of http://www.uklinux.net, who helped put the
.org village together - LPI was invited to participate.

The expo was very busy with almost 6,000 attendees over the 2 days of 
the show.

We held an exam lab, which was well attended, and spoke to interested 
volunteers who wanted to participate in a UK affiliate that would be 
considered the focus for dissemination of LPI information. 

Please add yourself to the LPI-UK affiliate mailing list and 
participate if you are at all interested in helping LPI thrive in the


LPI-China will be our next official affiliate, and we are pleased to
welcome the new group.  More information on the Chinese affiliate in
the November news letter.

Our most recent affiliate is LPI-Canada, under the guidance of 'CLUE'
(Canadian Linux Users Exchange)....http://www.lpi.org/en/news_item/28

We are also attempting to create many affiliate groups around the 
world.  Hopefully these groups will help Linux and LPI gain 
recognition in their area - please check the mailing lists for
all affiliate contacts in these various countries;


2: Dan Cooper's LPIC site -  http://www.lpiforums.com

Dan Cooper has created a site to assist candidates studying for their
LPI certification.  We are pleased to see this kind of co-operation from
our volunteers - thanks, Dan.

3: LPI Testing Sites. 

Exam Labs are still very popular, but Vue and Prometric test sites 
offer greater availability.

LPI attempts to offer inexpensive exam labs at various conferences 
and universities in many locations around the world.

We have had exam labs in China, Austria, Brazil, Japan etc. etc.
and we are offering exam labs in Uruguay and Brazil next month.

Please check the LPI website News section for the details on all 
these events.

LPI exams are also available through Pearson/Vue and
Prometric testing sites - these companies have 7,000 test sites
around the world where you can step in and take the exam at your

4: European costs of LPI exams reduced.

LPI has reduced the cost of LPI exams in Europe if you take the exam
at any Pearson/Vue or Prometric testing site.
Exams are now 110 Euros (reduced from 125 Euros) 

The fluctuation of the Euro and LPI's commitment to keep costs as low
as possible are the reasons behind this change. 

LPI is a community organization dedicated to ensuring quality 
certification is available at reasonable costs around the world. We
are working hard to keep this commitment.

5: Thanks to our WebSite Translators;

You will notice that the LPI website is being translated into many
different languages, thanks to our volunteers around the world.


We would publicly like to thank all our translators, those who helped
translate the old site originally, and those who are helping with our
new site.  If you are interested in joining this effort please go to
this web page and participate.


6:Retake Policy; 

Please read the re-take policy and pass the information to anyone
studying for the LPI exams.

Not knowing this policy, may create a problem with your certification.

7:Certification Upgrades;

LPI recognizes the efforts candidates have made to study and pass other 
If you have any of the following certifications you may use it as part 
of the LPIC-1 certification. 

If you have any of these certifications and you wish to become LPIC-1,
please contact us for details.

Conectiva's Certification
Turbo-Linux' Certification
GNU-Sair's LCA Certification

We will require a verification of your certification and if you pass
one Level-1 exam, you will receive your LPIC-1 Certification.

If you find any errors or have any comments, please contact us at;
info at lpi.org

Thank you;


Wilma Silbermann
VP Operations
wilma at lpi.org
905 874 4822

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