LPI-News December 2003

Wilma Silbermann wilma at lpi.org
Fri Jan 9 12:36:48 EST 2004

Hello and Happy New Year to you all.

Here is a brief summary of some of the things happening at the 
Linux Professional Institute.

1.  Verification System To Verify Your Certification.
2.  The use of Linux in Brazil.
3.  A German article on the LPI Translation Program.
4.  Looking for community assistance for Exam Development.
5.  Linux World - New York.
6.  LPI in South Africa
7.  Linux Australia Conference in Adelaide

1...Verification System.

We are pleased to let you know that LPI has created the verification
code which will be used by all employers who are checking their 
employee's certification.

The site is here;  https://www.lpi.org/en/boss.html

and also at the members area;  https://www.lpi.org/en/members/

All you need to do is let your employer know your LPI ID number and
give him your certification number, and he will be able to check on
your certification.

You can find the certification number on your members account.

Any large companies who are interested in checking the certification 
of multiple candidates should contact us for procedures on how to do
a multiple check.

info at lpi.org

Here's an interesting article on the use of Linux in Brazil at 
Government sponsored 'Telecentros', 
(Thanks to our Brazilian affiliate who sent these details).


3...For those of you who can read German, the Heise Newsticker
(publisher of one of the most popular and best IT-Magazines in Germany) 
reported about t7e, the translation program developed by LPI for the LPI 

11.12.2003 15:53
Linux Professional Institute kündigt neues Übersetzungssystem an

4...Looking for community support for exam development.

LPI invites all interested participants to help gather tasks for 
possible new programs and we are also looking for volunteer developers
to help develop the system to do ongoing item development for both new
and existing LPI certification programs.

Please participate in this community program, that will
help us keep LPI a valid and up to date certification.

We have also created a wiki setup at;


where you will see the current progress.

We need help for all aspects of the project, from helping
setup/maintain the twiki, to testing and documentation, as well as the
design and development of the tools.

We will have more information on this process going forward.

LPI is developed for the Linux community, by the Linux community and we
appreciate all your assistance to go forward.

5...Linux World - New York http://www.linuxworldexpo.com

LPI will once again be the Certification Sponsor at New York's
Linux World - at the Jacob Javitz Centre.
We will be at booth #265 - if you would like to visit us, please come
to the booth and say hello.
We will also be offering certification exams on;

Date;  Jan 21 Jan 22 Jan 23
Time;  10AM and 2PM
Room;  1E04

Procedure for taking exams at Linux World - New York.

Please ensure you have your LPI ID number;
If you don't have one yet - here is the page to go to;


Let us know if you plan to take the exam, which one and which time
frame;  info at lpi.org

We will again be offering exam 101 (with the module for RPM or DPKG
package management).
Or if you already have your Level 1 certification - you can take the
201 exam.

Exam 102 or 202 can be taken at any Vue or Prometric testing site to
complete the certification;

We will be offering exams on each day of the expo at 10AM and 2PM.
There is no charge for conference attendees - but there is a $20 US
fee for anyone who is not a conference attendee (cash only).

6....LPI in Cape Town at the IDLELO Conference  

Evan Leibovitch will be the guest speaker at the IDLELO conference in
Cape Town, South Africa, next week.
He will also be offering Level 1 certification exams to promote LPI
in South Africa.  

This is the first time we have organized an exam lab in S.Africa, and
it's a great opportunity for LPI to become better known there.

7....Linux Australia organizes their conference in Adelaide;


Linux Australia is the Linux Professional Institute's newest affiliate
and they are promoting LPI at the Adelaide conference being held at 
Adelaide University.

Thanks for your continuing support, and please don't hesitate to let
us know if you see any errors or have any questions or concerns.




Wilma Silbermann
VP Operations
wilma at lpi.org
905 874 4822

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